Government Of Karnataka

Mahiyatul Amraz

About the department:

The department of Mahiyatul-Amraz (Pathology) forms a bridge between the basic sciences and clinical medicine by bringing the new scientific concepts to enhance the understanding of the basis of disease.

The department of pathology was established for teaching and patients’ service. It has a college laboratory for the teaching purpose and a hospital laboratory to provide diagnostic facilities to all sections of the society.

We are committed in providing quality education to all our students with practical skills in the subject of pathology. The department plays an important role in diagnosis of the disease. Our main focus is continuous progress in the field of patient care and diagnostics.

It has following sections:

  • Clinical pathology.
  • Haematology.
  • Bio-chemistry.
  • Serology.


  • Clinical Pathology: Urine routine, stool examination, bile salts, bile pigments, UPT, semen analysis, AFB.
  • Haematolgy : Hb%, TC,DC,ESR, RBC, CT,BT, Blood group.
  • Bio-chemistry : FBS, PPBS, RBS, Cholesterol.
  • Serology : Widal, RA.


Faculty Members of department: Name of Teacher Designation Photo
1. Dr. Manjula.S Professor & HOD
 2. Dr. Suma Nagraj Associate Professor
 3. Dr. Layeeqa Banu Assistant Professor