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Tashreeh ul Badan

Tashreeh ul Badan (Anatomy) has been in relevance, in the field of medicine even before formal medical education evolved. In Unani system of medicine there have been many ancient Unani physicians who emphasized about the knowledge of human anatomy. Herophilos and Aristotle were the earliest, who laid the foundation of the subject, Tashreeh ul Badan (Anatomy). Herophilos was a great Unani physician deemed to be the first Anatomist. He dissected about 600 cadavers during his time and recorded his findings in 9 volumes. A confluence of sinuses in the skull was originally named “ Torcular herophili” after him.

At Government Unani Medical college, Bengaluru, We have a full fledge Tashreeh ul Badan (Anatomy) department having a well equipped, spacious dissection hall were practical classes are conducted regularly. The cadaver is available for the dissection purpose, so that the students can have a updated practical knowledge of human anatomy. The class room teaching in the subject is conducted regularly by power point presentations.


Faculty Members of department: Name of Teacher Designation Photo
 1. Dr M N Mallesh Gowda Consultant Professor